About Eastern Tech Company

ruler_gradientCompany-pic2Eastern Tech Company is a specialty ink & coatings manufacturer, headquartered in Orange, CT.  Our experienced team of chemists, scientists, and production technicians have researched, developed, and produced the highest quality ink products for various industries in the United States and Worldwide.

Eastern Tech works directly with OEM partners, developing solutions for market. We target Ink Innovations in everything that we do.

Eastern Tech is a pioneer of water-based pigmented ink for writing instruments. Today, we are a global leader in the manufacture of inks for gel-ink pens, which are sold in the largest retail chains in the United States and abroad.

With a stream-lined production facility, Eastern Tech has a production capacity of over 500 tons of ink annually.

With the evolving digital print industry, Eastern Tech has innovated piezoelectric-compatible inkjet inks.

Since 2008, Eastern Tech has manufactured water-based pigmented ink for inkjet printing directly onto t-shirts and other textiles. Our chemists and scientists have effectively improved color vibrancy, washability, and maintenance of use. Along with specially formulated pretreatment and cleaning solution products, Eastern Tech offers the complete solution for the Direct-To-Garment (DTG) industry.

Eastern Tech has invested millions in R&D, Production, and Quality Control equipment to further Ink Innovations.

Most recently, Eastern Tech has partnered with OEM flatbed printer manufacturers to launch the latest UV and UV-LED curable inkjet ink technologies. Compatible with piezoelectric printhead equipment, Eastern Tech’s UV and UV-LED inkjet inks are instantly cured onto a variety of substrates, including plastics, glass, metals, and more. Many difficult-to-print substrates are now in play, even without the use of primers or pretreatments. The possibilities of UV-LED inkjet printing are growing, and Eastern Tech is leading the development in Ink Innovations.

Eastern Tech Company is Your Ink Innovations partner.

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