Custom Research and Development

ruler_gradientEastern Tech Company’s Research & Development team has the industry know-how to develop and produce OEM-specific Ink Innovations.

Primary expertise areas include:

  • UV-LED Inkjet Ink for RIGID and FLEXIBLE substrates – oligomer-based pigmented inks
  • Textile Inkjet Ink for Direct-To Garment Printing – water-based pigmented inks
  • Gel-Ink for writing instruments – water-based, pigmented inks

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Eastern Tech Research & Development Laboratory

Eastern Tech Research & Development Laboratory

Examples of custom OEM developments include:

  • Water-based pigmented ink for needle-tip [0.1micron] Gel-ink pens (2006)
  • Water-based pigmented metallics and pearlescent colors for Gel-Ink pens (2007)
  • Direct-To-Garment pretreatment with decreased “residue cure on garments” – providing better hand-feel & initial print (2008)
  • Direct-To-Garment neon spot colors (2010)
  • Direct-To-Garment Ink for roll-to-roll inkjet printers (2011)
  • Direct-To-Garment Ink optimized for in-line (one pass) printing (2013)
  • UV-LED etch resistant inks for PC Board fabrication (2013 – patent pending)
  • UV-LED “medium cure” ink development for custom printing onto the eye glass frames (2013)
  • UV-LED FLEX ink development for custom printing onto leather and vinyls (2013)